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Light intensity mt.1: 130.000 lux*
Color temperature: 4.300 K
Diameter of the reflector: 400 mm
*special executions on demand

This is a surgical lamp with exceptional technical performance and excellent operating versatility. It is particularly suitable for minor surgery, gynaecology and first aid. The dome is reduced in size and contains four modular beams, each with 7 LEDs arranged in a radial pattern so as to eliminate shadows and provide deep three-dimensional lighting.
The modular design of the LEDs ensures lighting continuity even in the remote chance of a fault affecting a single LED.
The high efficiency of the LED sources and low current absorption permit obtaining a very low infra-red emission and a cold light in the operating field. Very easy handling and positioning stability. The focus and light field can be adjusted by turning the sterilizable handle. The lamp is very easy to move thanks to the lightness of the aluminium support structure. Adjustable clutch bearings are fitted on each light joint. TRIS is available in mobile version with anti-static wheels, in wall, ceiling and double versions. On request, it can be supplied with an emergency power unit with a 3-hour operating time, made up of batteries and battery charger.
Class I medical device, with CE mark in compliance with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and Directive 2007/47/EC

The manual focalization grants a precise and immediate control of the light field.
The Focus function is activated rotating the central handle.
The possibility of adjusting the focalization every time the lamp is moved, allows to optimize the light flux and adapt the light field diameter according to the different surgeries.
Minor surgery