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Light intensity mt.1: 160.000 lux
Color temperature: 4.500/5.000 K
Diameter of the reflector: Ψ 790 mm

PENTALED105 is the top of the range product. It has a central module like the PENTALED81 lamp and 4 side petals, each fitted with 6 LEDs radiating outwards.

This configuration offers two great advantages:
• increased scialytic effect
• increased depth of field thanks to the double focalisation E-Focus

The central and side modules are designed to provide lighting at two different focal distances and thus guarantee greater depth of light and constant light intensity without losing focus.

The E-Deep module is fitted at the centre of the lamp: this has 9 LEDs with special parabolic dishes designed to reflect the light at depths.
E-Deep means the surgeon can enjoy excellent 3D lighting, especially in cavities.

The E-View system lets the surgeon adjust the extent of the lit field to get the right type of light for each surgical procedure.
Ideal for the following surgical procedures:
• thoracic surgery
• abdominal surgery
• caesarean births
In all the above procedures, the surgeon must be able to operate in an extensive field lit with high intensity light. An additional lens called E-View (Extended-View) makes itpossible to expand the lit field to up to 32 cm with 6000 Lux at the edges without affecting the light intensity at the centre.
The indirect light provided by all Pentaled lamps guarantees cold light, depth and no stress or dazzling for the surgeon. This is due to especially calculated parabolic dishes that reflect the entire spectrum of light emitted by each LED lamp in a punctiform manner, without dispersion.
This means:
• fewer LEDs are needed,
• lower irradiated heat in the operating field.
Thanks to the physical principle of indirect light, the surgeon and his/her assistants are never disturbed by the light and can operate without stress to the eyes and, most
importantly, without becoming dazzled.
E-deep (Deep Light)
The centre of the lamp is fitted with an extra 9-LED module with special parabolic dishes specifically designed to reflect deep light. E-deep means the surgeon can operate
with perfect 3D lighting, especially in cavities.
Nature has always inspired man’s every discovery! The sun is the light source par excellence and its rays emit monochromatic light, i.e. identical colour. Using this as a starting point, RIMSA has designed lamps that use only white light LEDs to avoid the risk of surgeons perceiving variations in the colour temperature (°K) within the operating field and to prevent unnecessary
coloured shadows.
The light source is protected by E-Glass, a light diffusing screen made from clear tempered glass and coated with a special high strength film to avoid shards falling into the operating field in the unlikely event that it shatters. The glass is non static, scratchproof and does not yellow with age, unlike conventional polycarbonate screens.
The EndoLed function provides comfortable lighting during endoscopic surgery. When enabled, this function lights up a single module whose light intensity and colour temperature can
be adjusted at will.
Cold light
Any increase in thermal irradiation in the operating field is proportional to the
number and power of the LEDs used. RIMSA uses a reduced number of LEDs thanks to the concept of Indirect Light.
Major surgery
Pentaled 105 ceilingCeiling
Pentaled 105 + 105Ceiling
Pentaled 105 + 81Ceiling
Pentaled 105 + 30ECeiling