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Light intensity mt.1: 150.000 lux
Color temperature: 4.200 K
Diameter of the reflector: 630 mm

The D600 series is a high technology apparatus designed to guarantee technical illumination performance, unique of its kind. Complex mathematical calculations have allowed the creation of the original and revolutionary stratified and in-depth multielliptical reflector for intense light without shadows.
The reduced dimensions and the lightness of the reflector give the product stability and make it extremely easy to handle. Special RMS97 filters eliminate the infrared rays generated by the halogen lamp, guaranteeing cold light.
The luminous beam is always in focus, starting from a minimum distance of 60 cm.
The diameter of the field illuminated is regulated manually by rotating the handle, which can be sterilised, at the centre of the reflector. The luminous intensity can be adjusted electronically. The D600 series is supplied with a switchover reserve bulb in case the main bulb breaks.
The reserve bulb, with the identical characteristics of the main bulb, allows continuing the operation without diminution in luminous intensity.
In the two-satellite version D600 is classified as a system. Rapid engagement handle able to be sterilised at 134C. A diffusion screen in tempered glass protects the luminous source. Rotation at 360 without stopping on the central and lateral axes with the transmission of current through sliding contact tracks.
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D600 ceilingCeiling