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After more than 50 years and 500,000 units sold, this lamp is still available to meet the needs of technicians, designers, architects and planners, ensuring.a bright, clear and relaxing light. The pantograph arm provides considerable manoeuvrability and allows easy product orientation.
Perfect spring adjustment ensures precision movement without rebounds. Two knobs on the sides of the arm permit adjusting the clutches. The structure is made of drawn steel and is equipped with anti-unscrewing hardware. The product features oven-cured epoxy coating.
The product is in Class I with earthing system and is guaranteed by the IMQ quality mark. For use in particular environments, a light source cage for protection purpose can be fitted.

Power: 60W 250V E27
Reflector : 160 mm
Arm lenght: 1080 mm
IP protection: IP20
Class: I
Cable: 170 cm output with plug 2P+T 10A
10 with S/12Wall mounted