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Light intensity mt.1: 100.000 lux
Color temperature: 4.500 K
Diameter of the reflector: Ř 400 mm

The circular reflector, designed to light up the work area thoroughly and suppress all the shadows, is equipped with handy side handles to facilitate positioning. The lighting body, ultra-flat in order to not disturb the operator, is equipped with ultra-resistant polycarbonate screen which guarantees protection against possible accidental collisions. PENTALED12 can be easily positioned thanks to its rotation on 4 axis:
- the structure has a side full-circle handling without any stops
- the arm moves vertically thanks to a spring-compensated balancing
- the reflector can be rotated on the vertical and horizontal axis.
“PENTALED12” characteristics make it a unique lamp. The light intensity (over 100,000 lux at a distance of 1 m) and the technical performance suit a lamp for precision operations, in intensive care, recovery room and first aid station; its handy and non-bulky structure makes it suitable for diagnostic use, pre-operating theatres and test laboratories as well.
The indirect light provided by all Pentaled lamps guarantees cold light, depth and no stress or dazzling for the surgeon. This is due to especially calculated parabolic dishes that reflect the entire spectrum of light emitted by each LED lamp in a punctiform manner, without dispersion.
This means:
• fewer LEDs are needed,
• lower irradiated heat in the operating field.
Thanks to the physical principle of indirect light, the surgeon and his/her assistants are never disturbed by the light and can operate without stress to the eyes and, most
importantly, without becoming dazzled.
Minor surgery
Pentaled 12 + 12Ceiling
Pentaled 12 wallWall mounted
Pentaled 12 ceilingCeiling
Pentaled 12 mobileMobile