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Light intensity mt.1: 160.000 lux
Color temperature: 4.500/5.000 K
Diameter of the reflector: Ř 400 mm

PENTALED 30N is a highly technological apparatus designed to guarantee excellent performances.
PENTALED 30N consists of 30 elliptic reflectors divided in 6 modules with 5 LEDs each.
Indirect light: 30 elliptic reflectors, result of a complexmathematic calculus, reflect the rays of light of the LED punctiformly, guaranteeing three-dimensional lighting and elimination of the shades on the operating field.
PENTALED 30N does not dazzle: thanks to the principle of indirect light, the lamp oriented towards different positions does not dazzle the surgeon and the assistant surgeons. The size of the lit field is adjusted mechanically through handle according to the kind of light required by the surgical speciality. The adjustment of the light field is one of the primary requirements for a surgery lamp. Obviously the handle can be sterilized. The reduced size and the lightness of the reflector give the product handiness and stability.
The controls on the membrane keyboard activate the following functions:
- selection of the colour temperature 5000°K and 4500°K
- adjustment of the light intensity up to 160 Klx
- on/off
- Endoled light for endoscopy intervention
The solar colour temperature of 5000°K stimulates the surgeon’s concentration, does not strain their sight, reproduces the colour of the tissues faithfully and increases the definition of the edges. The modular design of the feed electronic card and special resistances on the LED circuit guarantee light continuity even in the remote case of LED failure.
The light is protected by a tempered ground glass diffuser screen, the rotation is 360° without any stops both on the central axis and on the side one, with sliding contact tracks for the transmission of the current.
Manual regulation of focus
The indirect light provided by all Pentaled lamps guarantees cold light, depth and no stress or dazzling for the surgeon. This is due to especially calculated parabolic dishes that reflect the entire spectrum of light emitted by each LED lamp in a punctiform manner, without dispersion.
This means:
• fewer LEDs are needed,
• lower irradiated heat in the operating field.
Thanks to the physical principle of indirect light, the surgeon and his/her assistants are never disturbed by the light and can operate without stress to the eyes and, most
importantly, without becoming dazzled.
Major surgery
Minor surgery
Pentaled 63N + 30NCeiling
Pentaled 30N + 30NCeiling
Pentaled 30N mobileMobile
Pentaled 30N wallWall mounted
Pentaled 30N ceilingCeiling